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Meet the Founder

Average, probably not. A little off center, more likely. Entrepreneur is probably the best way to describe Dean. He has developed several businesses ideas and turned them into a tangible product or company. It wasn’t long into his professional business career that Dean soon learned that he constantly looks for ways to improve upon what already exists. He says, “The X Cap is probably the best representation of taking an average product like the hat, and making it a performance piece of apparel.”

Realizing that it is very easy to get caught up in the “Work all the time” mentality he started a business called Freetime 101 as a constant reminder to take the time and enjoy life and what it has to offer. Dean refers to Freetime 101 as a class that no one should miss.

Along with being very charitable and running local fundraisers for his community, Dean is the founder and runs 'Santa Night', a national licensed fundraiser that benefits the less fortunate during the holidays. 

In the spirit of living the Freetime life, Dean is a competitive golfer. His biggest golf accomplishment is winning the 2009 Lexus Champions for Charity Golf Tournament a 3 day two person best ball tournament held at Pebble Beach. He also likes to Free Dive the reefs whenever possible and has been told a few times to, “Leave the sharks alone.” When not golfing or free diving, Dean likes to spend time on his property Sanctuary Ridge with his wife Heather and all the animals. Both his and the wild ones.

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